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PostHeaderIcon Oklahoma City Limits First Show Jason Ricci

I heard about a new club on the south side of town earlier this spring. I was very hesitant to go have a look because of the location.

Kim who bartended at the Route 66 Road House was starting work there and she kept insisting I would like it. At her urging I stopped by on may way from the airport upon returning from visiting Colin in DC.

She gave me the owners cell and name. Jim Ury. The name was familiar and after she explained why I knew I already liked the guy. He used to own a club named Teddy’s who booked a lot of Texas acts. A mutual friend of our Jim Suhler couldn’t say enough good things about him. He also did the concessions at the Zoo Amp for years. Another mutual friend David Kelso also spoke highly of him. We had met at a show at the Road House where I was introduced to him by one of the waitresses that worked with him at the zoo as well

Not often you hear so many people sing someone’s praises in the club business. It is a business that seems to draw the underbelly of business men. The day we met at the club he had time to show me around the property which includes about 10 acres just a block east of I 35. He has a vision for this club that will embrace live music and provide a venue that fills a void in the Metro area.

Jason Ricci was our first show last night. 60 paid. On a Memorial Weekend in OKC it wasn’t too bad. Jason was a good first show. He was a relative unknown in this area. Did a little print and radio and some Facebook/Myspace networking which I think was really what sparked the interest in the show.

Jason came out and worked his ass off for 3 hours selling his show to the many new fans their. All who attended were very appreciative of the opportunity to get a chance to see Jason. Made many new fans and The Oklahoma City Limits made fans of many new potential regular customers.

I once again have that room that allows me to bring people to town that not only I want to see but who people will be glad they had the chance to see them too. There is a lot of talent out there with the number of venues shrinking, it has and always will be a competive business. Artsts like Jason who are out there working to build a fanbase sometimes just need a friendly stop in a town that appreciates what they are trying to do.

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